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take control of your mani

• supersoft grip
• precision painting
• fits your favorite polish
• for righties + lefties
• opens hard-to-open bottles
• ergonomic + accessible design

talk to the hand

"paint nails with MORE PRECISION!"


"an AMAZING achievement- designed to make holding & opening the bottle an easier EXPERIENCE!"


"BEST Nail Product of 2023"


"your DEDICATION to making beauty accessible for everyone is truly AMAZING and INSPIRING!"


"so CLEVER, I always get hand cramps when I do my nails."


"these sound PERFECT to ensure a clean and precise finish!"


"now that is GENIUS!"


"oh soooo good- LOVE THIS!"


co-creators & sisters

when emma + amanda couldn’t get their mani and were having trouble painting it on their own, they took matters into their own hands!

your mani made easy

top it

top it

on your favorite polish

push it

push it

twisting clockwise until it meets the bottleneck

grip it

grip it

to easily open the bottle and remove the brush

paint it

paint it

ergonomic, soft grip for easy-to-do manicures

polish change? no worries!

it's a universal grip

top your favorite nail polishes with mani maker

patent pending

proprietary dual grip keeps the cap locked in for stress free painting